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Take your money on an adventure.


Money doesn't have to just work for you. It can quest for you too.

TOSHI is a game that completely integrates your finances into its game play, revolutionizing the way you interact with your money. Every dollar you save becomes a new follower called a Toshi. The more money you save, the more Toshi you have to help build your kingdom, explore new lands and go on adventures.


One dollar. One Toshi.


Get to know your dollars in a whole new way


The dollars you save are the driving force of your kingdom! Each dollar you put away gets represented as a new Toshi. The more you play, the more unique Toshi tribes you unlock, allowing you to recruit Toshi with new looks and characteristics. See your money represented in completely new ways when your dollars helps you build your kingdom and explore new horizons!

Statistics that mean something to everyone


TOSHI aims to make financial knowledge accessible to everyone. Whether you're more comfortable analyzing data or helping your Toshis build a new castle, TOSHI allows you to visualize your finances in the way that makes the most sense to you. No matter where you are along your financial journey, TOSHI's player-centric take on finance motivates you to get to the next step and feel accomplished at every milestone.

Finance Chart



Every bit of your finances in one easily accessible platform. TOSHI lets you take your budgeting, saving, and investing anywhere you go, and helps you keep on top of your finances while learning new tips along your journey. All of this takes place in an engaging and encouraging platform that puts you in the middle of your own financial realm.


How far along is your financial adventure?

Watch your world grow with every dollar you save


Your finances shape your world

As you save, budget and invest, your Toshis will build your empire and explore the Toshi world

Discover new species of Toshi

Send your Toshis on a journey. As your Toshis explore new lands they will find other Toshi tribes. Learn real life lessons on finance, investing and managing money to get a chance to invite these new species into your kingdom!

Watch your vault grow in game and out

Track your progress through the in-game vault. The more you save, the more impressive your stash becomes. Accomplish goals, track milestones and see statistics and metrics on your financial habits.

Invest in a quest

Send your Toshis on quests! Each quest corresponds to a different stock portfolio. Easy quests correspond to safer portfolios while harder quests are more volatile and risky. You can also opt to send them on trial quests learn the market risk free and earn Toshi Coins instead.


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